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    Import for runtime sharing issue - CS5.5 AS2.0


      I would like to use export/import for runtime sharing option so I can reuse assets form one swf library in another timeline.


      I found this tutorial that explains how to use it, there is also a download link to see the example working:




      I do I think exactly the same as it is there, but it doesn't work. Strange thing is that if you open main.swf from downloaded project, it works, but if you open the main.fla and publish it wothout any changes even, it will stop working.


      I have also discovered this problem with runtime sharing option. I have set up my movie clip runtime sharing option from library assets properties to import, as it showen in the picture below...





      but after I click "Ok" and wait apropriate time to proces it, and when I reopen the properties panel of that movie clip I noticed that it has changed "Import for runtime sharing" to "Export for runtime sharing"it self: In addition it also adds "Export for Action Script" which I definatelly haven't choose before.




      Any ideas anyone?


      I gues this is some sort of a problem of flash newer Publish Settings incompatiobility with Flash MX 2004, in which this tutorial was made. although when you open it, you can see it is already stage is set up as AS2.0 and flash player 7. But I have also noticed, that once you open main.fla it is tagged with * symbol as it has not been saved. Anyway, the same occures when I build it from scratch in CS5.5 AS2.0.


      I do not want to do it in AS3.0 because it apparantelly doesn't support attachMovie command.