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    Wrong Audio After Export




      I put some audio fx (moderate compressor, HiPass, LowPass...) on the clips and did a bit of rubberbanding. If I play the sequence in PPro, all sounds nice.


      But after export/encoding some parts of the rubberbanding (volume) are wrong or lost. Plus there are some holes at the end of some clips, which sounds like an compressor error. And there are some tiny volume changes in the exported audio.


      I did all exports with the best audio quality settings.


      The sequence has only two stereo tracks: the on-camera voice (A1) and music (A2).

      The sample rate of the captured audio is 32 kHz w/ two channels. The sample rate of the sequence is 48 kHz.


      Is it possible to mixdown all audio tracks to one (stereo) track?

      If so, may this be a solution?

      Is it possible to change the sample rate of the footage?


      I tried

      * render the audio before export

      * NOT render the audio before export (and delete previous renders)

      * delete preferences

      * direct export and export via AME


      Best regards & thanks for your input.


      (PPro CS 5; Win 7 64bit)