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    Moving around timeline causing movieclips to duplicate

      Something in my flash file is causing a movieclip to duplicate. I think it's down to calling gotoAndPlay. I don't have a way in AS2 to check the children of the parent and maybe remove the duplicate movieclip. Anybody come across something similar?

      Just to describe the problem in more detail. I have a series of pages. When you click through to a new page the previous page moves to the site but a little bit sticks out so you can bring it back again. On a page you click on a button to go onto a new page. The third time I do this a duplicate of the page I'm moving away seems to appear. The duplicate moves out of the way (with none of the components initialised) and the original stays overlaying the page that should be showing. I'm not going to the keyframe where the MC appears so I don't know why it's being duplicated.