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    Authentication Error


      I purchased a book from an online store and installed their e-reader,at the same time I

      registered with adobe. When I launch the e-reader it authenticates with the online store

      but it will not authenticate with adobe.


      Does any one have an idea where I could be going wrong.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Could be more than one issue here, but the most common is getting things

          out of sync.  I will assume that you've already checked Adobe's list of

          supported devices and your ereader is on the list.  If it is not, then ADE

          won't support it in the first place.  The list is found via ADE HELP (F1



          There's a sequence to follow to get ADE and the ereader talking to each

          other.  First, you have to attach your ereader to your computer (I assume

          you're using a Windows PC).  When the PC is done, the ereader should show

          up as an attached device - probably an external hard drive.  At this point,

          you can start ADE.  If your user ID's from the ereader and ADE are

          recognized, ADE will show the ereader in the bookshelf pane (left hand

          panel) of its Library view.  You're set to go at this point.


          Next most common is that the ereader's user ID is not recognized by Adobe.

          You can go through the above sequence, and then if ADE doesn't show the

          ereader, use the Authenticate feature in ADE and see if you can get ADE to

          recognize the device.  Instructions are found via ADE HELP (F1 key).


          Hope this helps!