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    Move Layer but Keep Anchor Still

    fhxfhx Level 1

      Hi, I know I can use the pan behind tool to move the anchor of an layer. Now for adjustment purposes I need to move the layer but keep the anchor point where it is ... otherwise it changes the path of animation. Is that possible ?




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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I take it that you have your motion path animated and you want to change the position of the layer relative to that path. If you've keyframed position then just adjust the values of the anchor point in the timeline. You can click and drag on the values so that you can see the movement of the layer relative to the path.


          If you've animated a layer by setting keyframes in the anchor point then you can change the relative position of the layer by scrubbing through the position values in the timeline.


          If you've animated both position and anchor point then you can open up the layer in the layer panel, reveal the anchor point path, select all anchor point keyframes in the timeline, than click and drag on any of the anchor point keyframes to drag them all without creating a new keyframe. You can see and move position keyframes from any plug-in that has position properties in the layer window and do the same thing.


          You can use the same select all keyframes in the timeline technique to grab and move an entire position motion path in the composition window.


          If that doesn't give you a solution I don't understand your problem.

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            fhxfhx Level 1

            Thx Rick ! Adjusting the anchor point from within the timeline was the solution in my case. Layer moved, anchor stayed on path where it was.