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    Strange behaviour with imported Word files

    sarasota lad Level 1

      I am starting a new RH project using source docs that were done in Word.


      I saved them as plain text and then copied them into my RH topics, and made a lot of edits.


      Then I realized that some times when I am editing a topic, a bunch of the text below just disappears. Then if I hit Enter at the end of the last visible text, the "hidden" text reappears.


      I switched to HTML view to see if anything stuck out, and when I went back to Design view, the entire content was gone ! Then I hit Enter, and it all came back.


      Anyone know what is causing this ?


      Is the only way to cleanly get Word files into RH to Import them ? When you do that it creates a bunch of files which I don't like.


      I'd rather not start over from scratch with the source files.