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    Command-line building:  code generation / WSDL importing




      I'm working to setup a somewhat complicated Adobe Flex project that was created with the Flash Builder plugin in Eclipse.


      I cannot seem to find any documentation regarding the code generaton feature on the backend of the Flash Builder plugin.  The only way to access it seems to be via the GUI.


      Normally, I generate the appropriate action script code / objects via the Data/Services wizard in the Flash Builder plugin (importing a WSDL file hosted on a server).  I need to be able to perform this from either an ANT or MAVEN build script.


      I have Flash Builder 4.1 Pro, which is nice, but with multiple developers, I really need a way to build the entire project from the command-line without ever launching the IDE.  Has anyone managed to do this and can point me to the documentation?  So far, my search for Adobe documentation regarding command-line code generation has been fruitless.