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    Call to photographers using ACR with Bridge

    Yammer Level 4

      I logged a suggestion on photoshop.com, and would be pleased if photographers backed it by clicking the +1 button. I've asked in the Bridge forum, but I reckon more photographers would read this post.


      The "idea" is here: http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/generate_monitor_size_previews_to_fi t_in_bridge


      Basically, Bridge uses ACR to generate several size previews for Bridge's image cache. One of the previews is a monitor-size jpeg, used for slide shows and full-screen previewing. The problem is that Bridge generates the preview jpeg with a size based on the longest dimension of the current display, but then reduces the image to fit the height of the display. In practice, this means that the full-screen preview/slideshow isn't as sharp as it should be, because it is resized on the fly.


      This isn't much a problem for people, unless you are using Bridge as part of your photographic workflow. Using Bridge to preview images for sharpness is hit and miss. Zooming in is the only way to judge sharpness critically.


      If Bridge generated a preview based on fitting the display in the first place, it would be much quicker and easier to judge the sharpness of images in your shoot, a weed out the rejects.


      Sorry, this isn't more ACR related, but I thought it would be okay as we're photograph users.

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          Yammer Level 4

          Out of interest, if people don't use Adobe Bridge for preliminary vetting of a shoot, how do you usually check image sharpness? In ACR itself?

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            MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

            In ACR itself. 


            I would use Bridge first to make a few cuts based on content.  The screen-sized previews are fine for that.  This leaves me with a small fraction of my original images.  I then check the remaining ones for sharpness/focus in ACR.  The bad ones there also get the axe and never make it out of the ACR dialog.

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              Yammer Level 4

              I tried zooming a strip of portrait photos in ACR to 25%, but it didn't stick. They all reverted to Fit in View, which is 24.7% and not as sharp. Funnily enough 33% worked.


              Similarly, a bunch of landscape photos fitting at 33.5% wouldn't stay zoomed at 33.3%, but would stick at any other preset. Is that by design?


              I've noted that ACR's preview is usually sharper in one of the pre-defined zoom settings on my system—which I would have sort of expected. I just need how to work out how to zoom the entire filmstrip to ANY zoom preset.


              (my images are 4288x2848 pixels or vice-versa)

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                If I recall, when I save my .NEF as a .DNG in ACR, then the sharpening can cleary be seen when viewed @ 100% in Bridge.


                If I go back and forth between my .NEF (with raw changes, including sharrpening) and my .DNG (with the same changes applied), you can notice the sharpening difference when viewed in Bridge. Obviously, Bridge leverages the previewd 'burned' into the .DNG as opposed to the one it cached when redering the .NEF.


                I do agree with you that Bridge should be able to show the applied ACR sharpening without the extra step of saving to .DNG.


                I'm on CS5 with ACR at 6.6.