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    ADT iOS conversion issue

    Mehdi Br.

      Hi !


      I am trying to convert my .swf file into an .ipa file.


      I've got the .apk conversion running fine but for ipa I've got the following error :


      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unable to find named traits: org.alivepdf.pdf::PDF

              at adobe.abc.Domain.resolveTypeName(Domain.java:231)

              at adobe.abc.Domain.resolveTypeName(Domain.java:148)

              at adobe.abc.GlobalOptimizer$InputAbc.resolveTypeName(GlobalOptimizer.java:272)

              at adobe.abc.GlobalOptimizer$InputAbc.resolveSlotType(GlobalOptimizer.java:946)

              at adobe.abc.GlobalOptimizer$InputAbc.resolveType(GlobalOptimizer.java:535)

              at adobe.abc.GlobalOptimizer$InputAbc.resolveTypes(GlobalOptimizer.java:448)

              at adobe.abc.LLVMEmitter.generateBitcode(LLVMEmitter.java:327)

              at com.adobe.air.ipa.AOTCompiler.convertAbcToLlvmBitcodeImpl(AOTCompiler.java:472)

              at com.adobe.air.ipa.BitcodeGenerator.main(BitcodeGenerator.java:82)

      Compilation failed while executing : ADT


      The funny thing is I don't use alivepdf at all. I have no idea where that comes from.


      Note : I am using flexmojos to generate my swf file.


      Any help would be much apreciated !