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    Cannot open files while printing pdf


      One of my co-workers is having an odd issue with Reader, while printing a large pdf (113 pages) she gets an error saying that the file cannot be found. NOTE** this is not a non-adobe issue because before or after printing the file can be opened perfectly fine. Is there something that happenes to Adobe while mid-print? I thought about letting the printer handle the processing but this is not a viable option for the larger or high-detailed prints because of the time it takes to complete the print. If there is anything that I might be able to try to correct this problem it would be very much appricated. Its not that i am perminately locked out of a file but just that while printing ( only happens w/ pdfs) no other files can be opened.


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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Sounds like your computer is short of resources. What OS, version of Reader, RAM, and free hard drive space.? Before reporting back try to empty your temp folders and see if it makes a difference.

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            ericwoodmansee Level 1

            I doubt its system resources, its a desktop purchased last year. I can get the system specs, but it doesnt seem like that could be the culprit. I did however empty the temp internet files but i wasnt going to waste 110+ pages to see if that fixed it. I wonder if there is something to do with how Adobe operates, if it is a single instance only program or if because its Pro there are some other aspects that would limit opening a document while sending one to the printer. Keep in mind its taking roughly 10 minutes to send the document to the printer. Once the print is fully sent the files can be opened fine, also the computer isnt locking up entirely its only opening other PDF files that gets blocked. The Lotus Notes we use for mail here still functions properly as well as the web browser, just cant open pdfs.... Its strange.

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              ericwoodmansee Level 1

              I am still having this really strange problem, anyone have any suggestions? **NOTE** I did try using a different comp to rule out hardware problems, the same thing happens, while printing when you try to open a document nothing happens at all until printing finishes then all of a sudden all the files you tried to open while printing open up all at once. Is there some setting or restriction i dont know about that is forcing me into this? I am printing 100+ pages of paper size Arch D (36X42) so having to wait to do any work on pfd's while this massive print job is going on really sucks. Also the printers are network printers to the information being sent to the printer is off the computer really quickly, so i dont think it has something to do with being lagged out or anything.


              Really any help at all would be great!