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    Import SWF to a FLA document. Flash CS4 AS2


      I'm having some trouble with a FLA document. I have to build a page for an electronic magazine. My client sent a looping SWF and asked me that, the moment it stops to have the main article appear. I can already load the SWF onto the main file, and it runs smoothly, using this AS2 script code:


      _root.createEmptyMovieClip("container", 1);

      container._x = 150;

      container._y = 20;

      loadMovie("REVISTA1010x597.swf", "container");


      The problem with this code is that the swf keeps running, or looping, and won't disappear. How can I make it stop the moment it ends and have the main article appear? Or better yet, how can I make the SWF stop, without looping, so I can put a button to close the movie? I'm using only two frames for the main document, the SWF has aproximately 255 frames.


      Keep in mind, my client is out of town and didn't leave the number to call the guy that made the SWF.