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    Printing problem on Windows 7 - 64 bits


      I have problems printing some PDFs to Windows 7 - 64 bits. (Reader X 10.1.1)


      I'm attaching a picture of what I see on the screen, and the garbled characters that come out of the printer.


      On screen:




      This looks like a font problem. So I checked the properties and all the fonts have "Embedded subset".


      Also note that:

      1. The same document prints perfectly on an XP machine that has the same fonts;

      1.b. The same document prints perfectly on a Windows 7 - 32 bit machine;

      2. The same document prints perfectly using Foxit Reader;

      3. The same characters are printed on both paper output and XPS output.


      I've been banging at that issue since over a month, deforesting a large part of the tundra in the process (that is, until I confirmed that XPS printer had the same problem...)

      - I've reinstalled the fonts several times;

      - I've rebooted the machine often;

      - Everything is at the latest version.


      Any help would be welcome.