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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 Exporting To .MP4


      I'm having a fair bit of issues with PPro cs5.5-


      We're filming on an XDCAM EX and use PPro to edit the files natively for better quality. We've been doing this for a while, and were hoping that you guys could help us try to find a new exporting answer.


      So we import native footage from XDCAM and then we export in h.264 to get an MP4 file which we then use as a master copy to compress into different formats such as QT, WMV, F4V, and M4V


      We would export the entire video to MP4 (usually comes out to around 12-15gb for 30+ minute videos) and then re-import this footage back into PPro to add a watermark and export to the formats above.


      Everything is working out pretty well, except that the MP4 format takes an extremely long time to export. We're talking about 6-7 hours using effects on the video like Colorista, Looks, and Dynamic Linking to AE.


      Is there any way that this can be shortened but still have a good quality master copy?


      Here is a photo of what our settings look like for the export:


      Screen shot 2012-01-04 at 12.00.08 PM.png