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    How to print pantone colors

    Finnegan56 Level 1

      I have a CS3 with a 10.5.8 operating system, and would like to print a file I made with Pantone swatches.

      My printer is a Canon Pixma iP 4000.

      I tried using photoshop manages colors in color handling, with cmyk-US web coated in printer profile, with relative colorimetric in the rendering intent.

      Black point compensation?

      Please advise which settings I should use to get the pantone colors correctly under color handling

      Thank you


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          Grant H Level 4

          oh dear... you cant!


          You will need pantone xxxx ink ... ie: its for offset printing, screen printing etc not for desktop printers



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            Level 5

            Pantone colors are typically specified for unique inks. Your printer does not use those unique inks so there may be no way to get a perfect representation. We often choose pantone inks to represent colors outside of the gamut or control of process colors.


            To demonstrate actual color to a client, you can physically attach a swatch to the printed sample.http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQpoCT1zal1jgn0_margK4qeu2uQHsumOEy9NHm3MjGsUjjvbcFQA


            The only way to define pantone spot inks in Photoshop is through channels. If you simply selected pantone codes from the color picker in a RGB or CMYK image, you did not really use pantone colors.

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              Finnegan56 Level 1

              Thank you Grant and Marian,

              I understand the ink thing now. I don't understand how to use channels to pick the Pantone swatches. Could you please explain? And is there a way to

              print these colors in such a way that is the closest that an ink jet can get?

              Thank you so much


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                Semaphoric Adobe Community Professional

                If you're printing from an inkjet, you'll have to approximate the color. Open the color picker, and click on the "Color Libraries" button. From the "BooK" dropdown list, select the swatch book you want to pick from, and choose the color you want. It might be a good idea at this point to click on the "Picker" button to return to the main color picker dialog, and click on "Add to Swatches".


                Try printing a test of this color. If the result isn't quite right, you cal tweak the RGB values in the color picker or the color panel so it matches. You may have to print several tests until you get it "spot on" .

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                  Finnegan56 Level 1

                  Hi Semaphoric, I must have a different photoshop than you, but I was able to get into the swatches and pick the pantone /solid matte swatches to match my index that I am tring to use. I will try printing one color and playing with it as you suggested. What about the earilier comment that I am not really using pantone colors unless I use channels? If this is true, how do I use channels to get the pantone swatches?

                  Thank you

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                    Semaphoric Adobe Community Professional

                    You can certainly do it through the Swatches panel. The method I suggested is the one I mostly use - force of habit, you know.


                    "True" Pantone colors are produced by mixing a specific formula of inks produced by the Pantone corp. For example, the swatch Marian showed (Pantone 1535 U)is 16 parts Pantone Orange 021, and 2 parts Pantone Black, printed on uncoated paper. You go to the Channels panel menu, and select "New Spot Channel". Click on the color, and specify it as I said.


                    Then, when you print on a commercial offset printing press, there will be a seperate printing plate for that color. The press operator mixes up a batch of the specified ink formula, and use that for the spot color plate.


                    For further info, take a look at http://www.pantone.com/pages/pantone/index.aspx

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                      Finnegan56 wrote:


                      ...how do I use channels to get the pantone swatches?...

                      The following steps are only for sending this file to a professional printer that will use spot inks. If you are only printing to your desktop printer, there is no need to use channels... just use the color picker as Semaphoric notes.


                      To use channels, go to the Channels panel.  In the flyout menu, choose "new spot channel". Click on the color indicator to choose the PANTONE ink. Now when you want to paint with that ink, select/highlight the channel, take a black brush, and paint away. You can choose tints of that ink by choosing a range between black and white in the normal color picker.


                      EDIT: I see Semaphoric answered this as well. I need to remember to scroll these forums fully.