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    Dynamic Link After Effects to Premiere (Video Only, No Audio)?

    cliffclof Level 1

      Can you Dynamic link an After Effects file so that audio does not interleave into the premiere pro project?   I just want to link the video part of the comp and do not want audio data in my asset.


      *I already know that I can double click the asset in premiere and drag video only from there.   I want to strip audio from the after effects linked asset so when i drag the asset from the bin to the timeline it will not try to add audio also.





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          Dave LaRonde Level 7

          Why don't you turn the audio off in your AE comp?  Look for the little speaker icons & switch 'em off.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you unlink the audio and video in Premiere Pro



            Then you select only the video layer to replace with After Effects Composition



            You'll end up with the Audio automatically turned off in AE when the dynamic link composition is created.



            You get the same result if you leave the audio layer linked but you lock it before enabling the dynamic link.




            The advantage to doing this is that you don't have to mess with audio in After Effects. There is no additional disadvantage to locking or unlinking the audio track because any time you replace elements in PPro with AE compositions the Audio and Video are unlinked. You'll need to re-link them if you plan move the tracks around at all because you loose the out of sync warnings that you'll normally get.

            ourOfSync.png syncWarning.png