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    Setting the hide time of a toolTip

    Developer504 Level 1
      Hi guys,

      I have adapted a program from some source code I found online, and it's working great but I want to change the amount of time the toolTip lingers when it's moused over, it disappears too quickly. I found in one of my flex books a property for the ToolTipManager called hideDelay but I'm not sure where to invoke it and the book doesn't give any examples. I don't fully understand how the toolTip function is being used here, the first time it appears in the code is in toolbox entry in the beginning of the app:

      <toolbox:DashBoard id="dashBoard" width="1024" height="740"
      dataProvider="{marketData}" labelField="@cname" weightField="@amount"
      colorFunction="{itemToColor}" toolTipFunction="{itemToToolTip}"/>

      ...then later in the code it refers to this private function.

      private function itemToToolTip(item:Object):String
      return null;
      var valueOne:Number = Number(item.@age2) ;
      return "Customer " + item.@custName + "\n" +
      "Invoice Number: "+ (item.@refnbr) + "\n" +

      Where do I invoke the property to change (increase) the time that the toolTip stays visible?