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    Preview window a different aspect ratio from project settings?

    Keavon Chambers Level 1

      I'm new to using Premiere Pro, and am using it for my first project, for school. I'm already experiencing problems, though.

      I have my project settings chosen at 720 x 480, so I cropped my image to twice that (1440 x 960). When I drag the resized image into the project assets, then drag it into the clip placement window (titled the name of my sequence), the image appears in the preview window (titled "Program: [my sequence name]"). However, when I try to resize the 16:9 image evenly to fit the preview window top-and-bottom, there is blank space on the left and right. Each side's blank space is about 1/10 of the width of the preview window. I checked in multiple places and it confirms that the project is still running at 720 x 480, and I confirmed the image I am importing is that ratio, so that must mean that the preview window is not the right aspect ratio.

      How would I fix this?


      Also, when it is fixed, is there a way to make the image/clip automatically fit to the full size?


      I hope I can get a reply soon, because the movie is due soon too.

      Thanks in advance,