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    stage3D - flash.display3D - registers





      I have got a question as beginner to some basics concerning the flash native 3D functions.


      Marco Scabia wrote very nice articles to understand, how the shaders and the renderpipeline works and now I have the feeling,

      if you want to do rearly good and fast  things in 3D in flash (like the famous example with the waves and the heaven maped as environmentmapping) you should write your own 3D engine/renderpipeline and your own dataformats in your own two shaders??


      At first it seams a big project, but on the other hand it seams understandable, too...,

      if you would have more informations like in these very goog and interesting articles.


      For examle: how do you mange light and shadow, raytracing views(but you can't do loops), mirroring, how do you manage different translation-logic to different meshes, which seamed all to be melted in one big mesh in one va registry, because there are only 8 ?.... And probably you need some for normals , uv, rgba, and so on?



      This would be my special question beside the others: If you want to write your own shaders like in the articels of Marco Scabia, you have to translate all your individual meshes in one big meshes which use the 8 va registries, or ?



      and ..If there will be a possibilty in Proscenium to use shaders, than your own shaderpart will be copied by proscenium in this two big internal not opensource (?) shaders of proscenium?




      sorry my english is not perfect