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    Canon 60D files can't be opened in Bridge (CS4 version); Camera Raw 6.6 has key features missing


      I am a Mac user (latest OS) and had been using Camera Raw from Bridge CS4 (part of my Elements 8 bundle) to edit my raw pictures from Canon RebelXTi. I upgraded to a 60D, downloaded the pertinent Camera Raw plug-in, but my raw files still wouldn't open in Bridge. I purchased Elements 10, thinking that would solve all problems, but apparently Bridge and Camera Raw are no longer part of the package! I downloaded the latest Camera Raw patch for Elements 10 (6.6), and I can now open raw files from Photoshop, but the Camera Raw version is not full featured and Bridge still can't open my 60D files. How can I get the full version of Camera Raw back AND have my 60D files opened? I deleted Elements 8, but not Bridge, and I can still open raw files from my Rebel in the earlier full version of Camera Raw. When I check in Elements 10 preferences, only Camera Raw 6.6 shows up, so that should be correct. Any ideas?