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    Browser Support

    leslielawson Level 1

      Is there a list of supported browsers for FormCentral? We have users that use variuos browsers on different operating systems and were wondering if this option would work better than a .pdf form for our organization.

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          We support all of the major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Our forms are standard HTML so they will most likely work in other browsers without issue. Additionally our forms will work on iPad, iPhone and Android devices (PDF doesn't work on these devices)


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            Hi !


            Some of my users are complaining not to be able to send a form (when the "send" button is clicked on, nothing happens), either on PC or iPhone; I can't figure out what kind of issue it could be…





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              I just posted a question in regards to use of the questionnaire on my iPad.. Randy, above you said that iPads are supported? However I click the link I sent to myself and it launches safari and then tells me it is an unsupported browser? Please help. I need to distribute the questionnaire to our outside sales reps who will all be accessing the questionnaire via there iPads.

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                RevchemRandy Level 1

                This was browser support question was answered in another discussion.