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    Adobe Digital Editions not allowing copying



      I have some books that until two or three weeks ago I could view on my Nook for PC software, these were books I had purchased from other sites, some were free, some I even created and downloaded on my own all stored in Digital Editions. Well, I realized that I had failed to download two books that I was wanting to read into my Nook. So, I go into my Nook for PC they were there I opened them to make sure I could, no problem however I did have problems downloading the books that I could read. So, was going another route and my microSD adapter quit working so had to get another. Took a few days for that. I got on again, (nothing had changed between any of this) all of a sudden what I could open and read two days before said I had to have an Adobe ID, I put in my ID and kept getting the same message all over again. I contacted Barnes and Noble and was told it was an Adobe issue.


      I got onto my Adobe site and couldn't really find anything. Today I found it, what I had been reading on Nook two or three weeks ago with no problems now says copying not allowed, this on all books. Like I said some of them I had even created, and gotten free PDF files from sites that would not protect their stuff because they are meant for the public. Is there anyway I can change this? Like I said I could read these books no problem just a short time ago and all of a sudden I'm not sure what happened, because unless there were automatic updates which is possible nothing has changed on my computer in those few weeks.


      Thanks: I'm just really confused here.


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          I had a problem that sounds similar. When I first added files from Project Guttenberg, they were in my downloads folder. I moved the files to an e-book folder, not thinking about the problem with relocating the files. I got a similar error when I tried to transfer them to my nook. However, when I re-added the files to ADE, and then transferred them, I had no problems