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    Need help with cs4 and camera raw!!!

    Charlene French

      Just installed cs4 and now I would like to edit some pictures in bridge.  However, I can't open my NEF files because camera raw isn't even an option.  I've tried downloading newer camera raw downloads but nothing is working.  HELP! I just bought a mac in Nov and I'm still figuring things out.  Is there a trick to be able to open NEF files in bridge using camera raw?

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          adriana ohlmeyer Adobe Employee

          What camera model are you using?

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            Yammer Level 4

            The D3100 wasn't supported until Camera Raw version 6.3, which only works with CS5.


            To use Camera Raw with your D3100, you have two choices:

            * Upgrade to CS5

            * Download Adobe DNG Converter (it's free) and convert your NEF files to DNG files


            Of course, you can always some other software, like Nikon ViewNX (free), but your options are limited, and Nikon CaptureNX costs money.

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              Charlene French Level 1

              Thank you.  Another quick question... to upgrade it will cost me 200 bucks but then I'll have CS5 and no problems.  If I download the DNG converter then how would I go about changing my NEF files to DNG files and would they still be in camera raw so I could edit them?  Thanks for your help.

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The DNG Converter operates on one folder at a time and creates a new DNG file for each NEF file in the folder, and those DNG files are ones you can open with older ACR versions.  The DNG Converter is newer than your obsolete ACR so it understands the newer camera’s NEFs and adds that information to the DNG copies so the older ACR can deal with them, although the older ACR doesn’t have some features that the CS5 versions do. 




                Since it won’t cost you anything, I would say try the DNGC route, and see if it’s ok for you.




                Another option that is less like what you do now would be to buy Lightroom which costs roughly half as much as Photoshop and half as much to upgrade.  You can still use your older version of Photoshop with it as a final step if things can’t all be done in LR (which has the non-destructive ACR-type adjustments).




                Even if you didn’t get a new camera that requires a new ACR, a reason to upgrade to CS5 would be that if you think you might want to upgrade to CS6, then getting CS5 is necessary if you want to not pay full price for CS6, unless Adobe changes their mind about this.  People won’t be allowed to skip a version and still pay the cheaper upgrade price.