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    Get values based on Dropdown box selection-Important

    Sony A1

      Hi All,


      In first table, i have an two textfields one is for "item no" and other is "item desc" and in the second table I have an "dropdown box" and "item desc".
      Whatever is entered in the "item no" its populating in the "dropdown box", when an dropdown is selected any item that item desc should be displayed.
      For example: In first table
      Item no  Item Desc
      item 1   abc
      item 2   def
      item 3   ghi
      and in the second table
      Dropdown box   Item desc
      item 2   def
      item 3   ghi

      When am selecting item2 in dropdown box the related text is not getting dispalyed. And moreover the using instindex and the value is populating 0, below is the script

      var Instindex = xfa.resolveNode("Page1.Subform1.Table1.Row2.Calculation").rawValue;
      var my_concatcomm = xfa.resolveNode("Page1.Itemtable.Table2.Row2[" + Instindex + "].EnterItemDescription").rawValue
      var my_concatcomm = "Page1.Itemtable.Table2.Row2["+ 3 +"].EnterItemDescription"
      app.alert("Index value::"+ xfa.resolveNode(my_concatcomm).rawValue);


      Can anybody please help me on this.


      Thank you for your help in advacne