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    Urgent Help - Please!

      Hi everyone. I'm really starting to stress out about my coding for a simple pool game im making. My minds gone blank all of a sudden and im starting to panic!

      Basically.... I have a snooker game where by you hit the whiteball into the black ball and it goes into a pocket. Simple

      1 i need the cue to rotate around the whiteball so i can set the angle of the cue
      2 i need the cue to rotate using the up and down key around the point of the whiteball (registration point set up)
      3i need the whiteball to travel along the angle the cue is facing in when the space key is pressed (speed is constant)

      there is a link to my fla file here.

      i would really appreciate it if someone could let me know a soulution asap as this is driving me crazy!

      Thanks in advance!!

      here's my as: