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    MAC Projector

      Hi ,
      I am using Director MX2004 on MAC.
      The problem is i need to pass command line args to this projector.osx , when it gets launched
      from a java code.
      By the way when i create a projector, director creates the projector as projector_name.osx, which is not a MAC
      bundle, meaning , there is no "Show Package Contents" when i right click it.


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          I'm not sure if it works on Mac, but you can check "the commandline" to
          get command line arguments on a PC. Just put something like this in

          myArgs=the commandline

          then check the contents of 'myArgs'.

          Until Director 11, the projector output was (is) a binary executable
          file, not a bundle. So, as you noted, you can not get into the bundle
          to make changes to its contents or anything. Director 11 changed that,
          and will now make nice universal binary bundles.
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            Prachu Level 1
            Hi Mike,

            Thanks for the reply. The command line arg works just like what you said. you are mentioning about
            How one can get the command line with in director.
            My problem is how to PASS the command line arg to the projector from an external
            source that launches it (on MAC).

            BTW thanks for the info about the binary executable. Unfortunately, I can't use Director 11.
            Can you please let me know any other director places/forums.

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              I have never tried this on Mac, but on PC, it is just a question of
              adding the arguments at the end... if your program is "test.exe", you
              could open it using

              test -s

              and the commandline would be "-s". I suspect the same applies to Mac.

              There is a good forum over at DOUG, www.director-online.com

              And there is a mailing list called Direct-L which is for more advanced
              issues. A lot of seriously talented Director devs hang out there. But
              it is not a place for 'newb' questions. This forum here is best for
              basic stuff.
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                Prachu Level 1
                Hi Mike,
                Thanks again. You are right about the windows, thats how it works on windows.
                But on MAC , it can't be the same, since MAC executable are bundles(just a folder, internally).

                MAC .app folder structure
                project (the actual executable)

                I came across this on internet , that one can pass arguments to MAC bundles using
                open Project.app/Contents/MacOS/Project - args. but this is only for BUNDLES.
                Since Director MX 2004 does NOT create bundle , i can't do this either.
                I will try www.director-online.com.

                I am still surprised that no one has ever come across this problem so far.(My bad)
                Thanks once again. Highly appreciated.