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    Automatic scrolling the whole document in .net


      I m using Visual C++ .net and activex component (interop) of adobe reader 8. I need to show the 'WHOLE' pdf file (not a single page) on the screen and automatically scroll it.


      There is a command in the reader itself that allows the pdf file to scroll automatically. (view > automatically scroll).


      Is there any way to do the same thing programatically ? I tried using a method called setViewScroll - AxAcroPDFLib.AxAcroPDF.setViewScroll (viewMode as string, offset as Single). I did this in a for loop so the pdf starts to scroll but as it scroll down, the scrolling is too fast. It is because the page number changes when scrolling occurs.


      Is there any way to scroll the pdf automatically within visual C++ .net code ?


      I need the layout mode to be onecolumn - continous page facing!


      The second issues is that:


      I can't get what the current zoom or view is or the current scroll position. Is any of that possible?