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    Indesign CS 5.5 problems with accessibility features


      I am required to create 508 accessible documents for the government agency I work for. The new features in Indesign allow you to export your document to an accessible pdf using the articles panel, export paragraph styles to tags and object tagging.  My question is this. It all works fine. The tags are great, it passes the accessibility check but you would expect the order panel to match the tags order and it does not. In the training on Adobe tv http://tv.adobe.com/watch/accessibility-adobe/part-2-exporting-and-finalizing-your-pdf/ they never even look at the order panel. I always have to reoder the tags in the order panel. will Adobe be addressing this issue?

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          I've also posted the same problem in another thread. No matter if I use the Structure Pane or the Articles Pane within InDesign, once I open the file in Acrobat, the reading order still is incorrect. I found this solution (below) from another User, tested it, and it works. I really have an issue with the pdf "passing" the Accessibility test when the file is not Section 508 compliant.




          In Indesign, reorder ALL the objects on page using send to back, starting with the last object on page you wish read, continuing until the object you want read first in acrobat is sent to the back last in InDesign. The result is that the Reading order is correct in Acrobat. Obviously, any object additions to a page means re-ordering the whole page. Changing copy doesn't affect this. Also, the order of objects on a page has no relationship to the page structure. It appears that the object reading order is as objects are added to page. Ist added (and furthest back), 1st read, last added (nearest front), last read. Shuffling the objects in the Document Structure pane has no effect on this order (and vice-versa).