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    Acrobat Reader Download - Win32 Error


      I'm attempting to download the latest version of Reader and I've run into a few problems:


      1. The downloaded file is only 168 kb

      2. It downloads without an extension

      3. When I click to install the file (install_reader10_en_air_mssd_aih), I get an error message that says it is "not a valid win32 application".


      Oddly enough, there is a shortcut in my start menu for Reader X, but apparently it is just a shortcut. When I click on it, I get a message saying "This action is ony valid for products that are currently installed". I guess I had it installed at some point, and now I don't - and I can't think of any reason why I would have removed it. It is not in my list of currently installed software.


      I've attempted the file download from Firefox and IE with the same result.

      I've added the .exe extension to the file name


      I do have Acrobat Professional 9 installed


      Thanks for the help!