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    How to remove the default Digital ID in my mac Adobe Acrobat Pro 8.3.1?


      Dear All,

      I have my mac Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.3.1, I never used it to sign a document, and last week, after I opened up a document created from my lab's PC computer with Window 9 version of Acrobat Pro, the Digital ID with someone's name somehow has been encrypted in my Mac. The reason I said that the name has been encrupted in my Mac is because no matter how I do with the form, including getting a new form to start with, or removing the signature filed or getting the form with another PC to work with my Mac acrobat, when I go to the Sign form, the particular name and ID, which requires a password, has always been there. I called the Adobe to help, was told that since this is verison 8.3.1, I was advised to come here. Please help me with. Thank you.