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    EPUB TOC not as expected when using articles?

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      I am working on ePubs using Indesign CS 5.5 on Mac 10.7.2.


      The first book I did was simple, so I just used a running story for each chapter, in an ID Book file.  Worked great.  I created a TOC, which exported fine, including sub-headers.


      This time the book is more complicated:  there is a chapter head, which is a Paragraph Style AHED, and then sections within each chapter, each starts with a style called RT.  I set up the TOC Styles like this:


      Edit Table of Contents Style.jpg


      Seems right, doesn't it?  OK, I exported the book as an EPUB, set to break pages at RT, so each section starts with its second-level HED, this works fine BTW:


      EPUB Export Options.jpg


      However, although the EPUB file breaks and looks the way I expected, the TOC in the EPUB looks like this:


      Adobe Digital Editions     JuniorsDesserts.epub.jpg


      How can I get it to use the contents of the paragraphs (the RT text) instead of these generic names?  Or is there a different step I am missing here?