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    Major yearbook picture flow help! PLEASE RESPOND SOON!?


      Ok so we are doing our year book and we figured out how to do the merged data file with microsoft exel and then place the photos in our yearbook page... what we are wanting to learn how to do now is instead of having like 6 rows of 5 photos how could we do it to take out 2 pictures on the 1 and second row so we could have 4 on the first two rows then 6 on the other 3 rows.. that way we could place survey results in the blank area and other things? Hope I explained that good enough! Thanks for all of you help!
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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          A picture is worth a thousand words, and your numbers don't quite square up. Attach a picture.


          It sounds like you want to have two rows of 4 and then three rows of 6, and then what? Is that it for the page? On to the next page the same way?


          You could just merge 24 seperate fields.

          Or you could pad your spreadsheet with 2 blanks in each of the first two rows, and then delete the blank boxes after you run the merge.


          I think I would probably do the latter. That just turns it into an Excel problem.


          If you want to solve this with InDesign scripting, well...there's no control over the internals of data merge. You can use it to change around

          your document after (or before) the merge is complete, but that doesn't sound like an efficient approach here. (So your post is probably better off in the main forum, oh well.)