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    Change output filename in webengine


      Hi all


      I was wondering if it is possible to change filename at export in a LR webengine?

      My problem is that I want to add the 'copyname' to the filename.

      Lightroom just adds an underscore and a number for virtual copies.


      Thanks for any answer!

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          areohbee Level 6

          I'm not familiar with web-engines but so ya know - the copyname is available as a file-nameing token in the file-naming presets/templates. So, if the user, or your plugin has selected a filenaming preset which includes the copy-name, then it wouldn't do the -N suffix...


          I don't even know if web-engines go through the filenaming presets, so take it for what its worth...


          But maybe you could bypass the filenaming presets altogether and come up with your own name that includes copy-name obtained from photo:getFormattedMetadata( 'copyName' ).