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    Right hand page master background colour disappears on export (CS5)

    James Unsworth Level 1

      Good afternoon,


      I've created a publication with both sides of the master page containing an a4 size image containing just a black colour. In InDesign everything appears as it should but when I export to a PDF the right hand side of the page displays white (rather than the black image I put on) but I also have some text on the master page which displays fine, only the black image is removed and only on the right hand page.


      I've tried to change over to RGB in the swatch panel, I've created a black background by using the rectangle tool, I've pretty much run out of options now!


      Just to note, when I initially created the publication it exported perfect but now I've come to just change a little text in the publication it has resulted in the above.


      This also happened a few days ago so I duplicated the indesign file then dragged the page master over from the 2nd copy to the original copy and sometimes it fixed it, other times it didn't.


      Due to it sometimes working and other times not it's absolutely ruining my head not to mention having to worry about my tight deadline that needs to be hit! 


      If anybody has ever experienced this and can help me out it would be much appreciated!