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    Bring Back Line Screen & angle settings - Please - with sugar on top.

    C. Burks Level 1


      Tech support told me that the Engineers read and address these forums and I should post here for a response. I just made the jump from CS2 to CS5 where I found Photoshop no longer offers settings for line screen and screen angles for spot color printing. This is a critical feature for me and most others in my industry. Photoshop is the go to program for color separations for garment manufacturers and this is a crippling omission for us. Are there any plans to patch CS5 or to bring this critical feature back in future versions? I have been told by customer & tech support that my only option, while already owning CS2 & CS5, is that I will have to buy CS4 from a third party and go backward. While this may work temporarily, it imposes additional cost, and does not address the long term issue of the removal of these controls. Garment manufacturing is a relatively small, but constant industry among your customer base and Photoshop & Illustrator are our right and left hands.(Oddly enough - these controls are still available in Illustrator). There must be tens of thousands in the US alone. Can we expect this to be addressed?