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    AVCHD 1080/60p with 5.1 sound


      Hi all,


      Is Premiere Pro CS5.5 capable of editing AVCHD 1080/60p + Dolby Digital 5.1 and producing this output to file?


      I've got 50 hours' footage from a Sony HDR-CX560 shot at 1080/60p with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound.  I want to edit this and produce, among other things, files for playback at 1080/60p with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. 


      Editing capabilities I need are simple:

      Trim clips at either end by a few seconds

      String multiple short clips together into a longer scene, chapter, or video file


      Editing capabilities I'd like include:

      Fade from black into clip or scene, then fade to black again

      Suppress a momentary sound (like a car horn) in a clip, without disturbing the ongoing video

      Rotate 1-2 degrees to "level" a horizon line

      Start a clip with "level" correction, then phase-out the correction as the camera operator corrects the camera's position

      Some scenes will be 10-shot sequences, each 20-60 seconds of people's activity.

      Most scenes will be single-shot, 10-20 minutes of scenery, with people occasionally walking in & out of frame.

      Some scenes will be single-shot 40-150 minutes.  (Yes I know that's a single 2 1/2 hour shot at 1080/60p, the camera seems to do ok with it, can the editing software handle it?)


      Primary method for playback will be PC file HDMI-out to a TV+receiver capable of handling both; so far I just play it from the camera (memory or SDHC card) to an HDMI-attached TV.


      I know I can down-convert for BD, DVD, WP7, Youtube, etc, convert to stereo, and so forth with other software (Premier Elements downconverts 5.1 to stereo)... but my #1 preferred playback is to a 1080/60p TV on a 5.1 home theater, streamed from a home PC, SDHC in the camera, or XBox 360 slim.


      PC to edit on is a Supermicro i7/920, 12GB RAM, 80GB SSD OS drive, 2x300GB 10K SATA drives' workspace, 1.5TB 7200 SATA storage, Radeon 5750 1GB video card, HDMI for audio+video out to amp & monitor.