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    shockwave 3D Xtra failed to initialize


      I was wondering if you guys have experienced anything like this with shockwave 11. Ive been testing my 3d shockwave app on various machines, and for some reason one of the machines(the oldest) gets
      "This application requires an Xtra(shockwave 3D) that either does not exist or failed to initialize properly....etc"

      It only happens with Shockwave 11 applications(not shockwave 10), it might be something wrong with that specific machine, im just enquiring here as well as investigating that avenue.

      The machine has an old nVidia "GeForce2 GTS/ GeForce 2 PRO" graphics card, ive updated the drivers, to nVidia drivers vers Also, ive checked the Shockwave 3D Xtra is installed on the machine. and done a clean wipe of shockwave and a reinstall of it.

      Anyone experienced anything similiar?

      Thanks in advance,
      Glen O'Neil