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    How to batch process (color correct) multiple MXF files?


      Newb here with a question I cannot find an answer for. I'm very new to CS5.5 and am very frustrated with something that should be a simple procedure, at least it was with my last NLE.


      I am shooting amateur hockey games using a Canon XF100. Typically I shoot at 720 60p and with all the starts and stops of the game there may be 30-40 MFX files for a game. I'm having no problems importing into CS5.5, the files all show up on the timeline.


      I want (need) to be able to color correct ALL these files at once using the fast color corrector and/or the 3 way color balance. For the life of me I cannot seem to do this and I cannot find any answers despite many hours of searches.


      Last night I did (after much mucking around) manage to 'nest' the files and do the color correction but when I went to export to Media Encoder (to render as MP4 file) I kept getting error messages and was unable to proceed. This happened 6 times, the encoding would start and then after about 20 minutes, and some progress, it would give me an error message.


      Can someone please, pretty please!, explain a simpler way to do this? I feel like I am missing a very obvious step and I'm probably just phrasing the question incorrectly.


      Many thanks in advance.




      Adobe CS5.5, Windows 7 Premium

      Intel i7

      9 GB Ram

      500 GB Velociraptor HDD

      Dual 27" monitors