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    Taking my new machine for a little spin

    RDA972 Level 3

      My new machine now exports a 20-minute XDCAM EX HQ timeline (with no effects applied) in Blu-ray MPEG2 HQ in 3m 54sec and an hour-long DV timeline (also with no effects applied) in MPEG2-DVD HQ in 2m 28sec. Wow!

      Also, I rendered an 30-sec effects heavy animation in 2m 17 sec. A 12-core MACPRO costing 4 times as much took 2m 50 sec to render the same animation.


      The new specs:

      MB: Asus P9X79 WS

      RAM: 64 GB

      CPU: i7 3960X

      GPU: the same Quadro 5000 as before

      OSHDD: Corsair Force GT

      Win 7 Ultimate 64

      Case: Lian Li PC-V2120X

      PS: Cooler Master ilent Pro 1200 W