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    Flash Player 10.3 is not recognized in Mac OS X 10.5.8 no matter what i do




      I have uninstalled, re-installed. I have java restored my defaults. I have tried a lower version (10.1). This is ridiculous and beyond frustrating. I am not a savvy computer guy but I know that I am missing something! I have searched every forum for a solution and I am at my end.




      I don't know why this happened, when it happened, but i cam down to use my Mac and I could not watch you tube, etc....


      I have searched my hard drive, listed the plug ins in the "help" menu. It doesn't show up. PERIOD.


      I did the Adobe "test" and it says i am missing the "plug-in" but when I click on that it just sends me to the download screen and I select the exact same thing.


      Oh yeah i even unclicked that "rosetta" box. NOTHING!


      So who wants to give me the solution PLEASE!!!???


      Is this an Adobe issue?


      Is this a Mac issue?


      I have NEVER had a problem with my mac the entire time I have had it.....why now?


      Thank you so very much whomever replies!