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    My Multiple Saves On A Flash File Gone? [URGENT HELP NEEDED]


      Hey guys,


      I am very disappointed with the fact that I've been working on a school project on a Flash file for numerous days, and yesterday, I was close to completetion when I found out that none my saves were updated. Basically, I spent hours working on the project and I saved my Flash file multiple times; however, I just opened my Flash file today and found out that all of the updates that I had made on the file were gone. Is there any way I can still recover the file/updates through cache possible, and what may have gone wrong?



      What I have Tried To Solve The Issue:

      - I have done a full scan of the computer but only found the non-updated file.

      - I had dragged the saved file onto my USB the previous day before I turned off the computer, but the Flash file on the USB is the non-updated file as well.

      - Try to find a cache, unsuccessfully.

      - Browsed this forum but found nothing.

      - I even checked my Recycling Bin.


      Other Info:

      - I am using Flash CS3.

      - The folder which contained my Flash file has all of the images that I had edited with PhotoShop CS3, as well as the images that I had downloaded online. It's only the Flash file that is old.



      Please help me out on this as soon as possible as it's a school project. My hours worth of time is gone and I really don't want to have to start again while there may be a solution to this out there. Thank you very much.