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    DPP Settings to ACR


      Hello I have a Canon EOS 60D in DPP the image looks fantastic but when i transfer it to ACR the colors and everything look completely different is there a profiloe or something that can get these two programs images to look the same?

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5



          You can try using a different DNG Profile (in the Camera Calibration panel) to get different color rendering but the bottom line is that what the camera or DPP thinks is optimal in a raw file has no bearing on what ACR thinks is optimal. A raw file is raw and is expected to be adjusted to taste. There is no "correct" rendering...Canon has it's own interpretation of what Canon thinks your raw file should look like and it really isn't any more "correct" (nor incorrect) that what ACR thinks it should look like. Learn how to use ACR's controls and how to adjust your image to your taste. And the odds are it won't be what either Canon nor Adobe thinks your image should look like at "Default".

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            b2martin_a Level 2

            Adobe has generated  five profiles that will give colors very close to the Canon profiles.  They are located in the Camera Calibration panel as suggested by Jeff Schewe above and are named Camera Faithful, Camera Landscape, Camera Neutral, Camera Portrait, and Camera Standard.  These should give results very close to the Canon profiles by the same name (minus "Camera") with in camera settings all at nominal.  You can change Camera RAW's default to use any of these instead of Adobe Standard or you can select the profile for each image.