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    Clips not showing in organizer


      Using Elements 10, my clips display fine in Media view but show black in organizer with film strip in upper right corner.....the clips play fine in the organizer but when I am done previewing them, back to black they go.........the following choices are selected from ther "view" menu: Details, show file names and show people recognition....i even disabled them one at a time and re-enabled them one at at time but the problem persist.   Any clue on what setting(s) may be preventing the clips from showing in the organizer?

      Thanx in advance for your assistance.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Depends on what kind of camcorder the video clips came from and what format they're in.


          Also, what operating system you're using and if you have the latest version of Quicktime.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Question: Is the first Frame of those Clips black?


            Good luck,



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              T&C_Banks Level 1

              Thanx Steve and Bill for answering.


              Actually, the files I am using in this particular instance are lesson files from the Elements 10 Classroom in a book training workbook.  The 1st frame are not black.  I am using running WIN7 64bit,and the files are MP4.  I do recall getting a 'Mismatched project settings" msg box and thought that may have been the issue so I started the lesson over and I guessed & changed the settings to DV @ 48mhz widescreen but the problem persist and I get the same mismatched preset msg so that still is not correct.


              Other files from previous projects show fine in the organizer and I've compared the visibility setting of the visible and the non-displayed ones and each are set the same - hide hidden files.


              I also noticed  that the organizer shows smart tags are on both the visible and non displayed ones, but i do not recall doing that...although I could've randomly clicked something before I got my book.


              I will continue with the lesson and work around this issue, and maybe something provided here may spark a solution, or If I figure it out, I will certainly post it.


              Thanx in advance for your help!


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                I also am having issues using the CIB for Premiere Elements 10.

                Using the .mp4 files from lesson 01

                When loaded in organizer, they all show up as predominately magenta and green pixels

                Nothing has been changed from the standard install of Premiere Elements 10

                When the clip is dragged to the timeline, it looks okay...but it's a little disconcerting that the software does not agree with the text




                Tim T.



                I have tried this several times, each time with the same results....and it's not listed under the direct support options....

                So what's my options?  I'm not going to buy a support plan for a low-budget consumer software package and pay more than I did for the software.