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    CS5 Flash Brush Tool and Stage Issue





      I have two issues while using CS5 Flash right now and it's driving me crazy.


      For the first issue. (Number 1)


      How do I make it so that the dots do not appear after I draw something with the brush? Whenever I draw something with the brush and select it with the mouse, it goes into a, "Dot" image that is shown in the image. This should not happen. I remember there was a setting that made it so that all objects drawn by the brush are completely solid when you select it with the mouse tool. Which setting is this?


      For the second issue, (Number 2)


      How do I expand the overall working stage that I use within my image? Whenever I click and drag and object to the right, it gives me a bit more room to see the overall object when I zoom out.  But than it stops. How do I make the overall stage larger so I can see all of my objects that I have?


      Please, someone help me out here.