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    I have installed flash player on my mac but it´s not working on safari




      I am supposed to do a course which has a cd and some simulations in flash. In the instructions it said to download adobe flash player and select safari as the application to view these .swf files with.

      I have a Macbook running Mac OS X version 10.6.8 and I have downloaded the flash player version, which apparently is the latest version for my mac.

      It says installed succesfully and in the mac´s preferences I see it.I have checked allow sites to save information on this computer.

      In Safari´s preferences I have made sure that all plugins are enabled, but when I go into help and open installed plug-ins on safari I cannot see flash player in the list.

      I have tried going in HD/library/Internet plug ins and I do see flash player.plugin.


      I am no sure what I have done wrong and would appreciate any kind of help.


      Thank you very much.