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    Why is Adobe Story going to be so expensive?


      Hello, I am really enjoying using Adobe Story at the moment, but like a lot of people I am concerned about the cost that is coming along. $20-$30 a month or $200-$300 a year is just too much. "Final Draft" costs $300 (and is currently only $178.11 on Amazon!) and that's a one off payment. Or there's always "Celtx" which has a free version!
      Unfortunatelly, when it comes to it, I will begrudgingly have to export all of my Adobe Story work and switch to "Celtx" or "Final Draft" (probably Celtx)


      That is of course, unless you are secretly going to surprise us with a lower price or a "free" account option with a few features removed...


      ...are there such plans?