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    How do I undo CS3 Hot-key results?

    jarhtmd Level 1

      Several times (tho' very rarely) when working on a multi-layer image in CS3, it has suddenly "gone grayscale".  I "think" that it has happened when I have hit a CTRL (or ALT) and another key on the (lower right?) keyboard . . . maybe being careless (& not looking) when hitting CTRL+0 (fit to screen).  Whatever, I was not deliberately doing a specific edit.


      Edit/Undo doesn't work.  Nor does anything else that I can find.  My work-around has been to SaveAs (.PSD) (w/o flattening) & then Open that saved file.  The color returns when I do that & I can continue working.


      1. Any idea what causes this?  What keys am I hitting?
      2. Is there a way to Undo hot-key results?