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    Flash moving my symbols and layers around the stage


      Every now and then if I close and reopen flash, it will randomly move different layers and symbols around so they're a discombobulated mess.  My animation isn't smooth anymore and I have to try to piece it back together, but it never looks as nice as it did when I first drew it.  It seems to pick things at random.  Here is an example: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/54053846/fennec%20running7.swf


      Sometimes I'll start drawing and it'll brush stroke like, 100 px to the left of where I'm trying to draw, too.


      What am I doing wrong?  I noticed that it often happens right after I change the stage size to match the contents (sometimes I draw off the stage and instead of making it a symbol to fit within the stage, I just change the stage size).