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    New to Epubs and InDesign is Crashing


      hi, I'm a rookie when it comes to forums and to publishing epubs, but I have run into several walls and I'm in need of some help, so here goes ...


      I've done a lot of research on ePubs and I have a document that's ready to go. It initally started out as a file that would be PERFECT for print, but then I realized that that's not going to work, so I stripped out my selected fonts and changed them to Garamond. My images are now embedded in the paragraphs so they show up where they should when I Export for Digital Editions, but ... the problem I have is that Indesign Crashes out on me after EVERY export.


      What's more, after I broke my single "master" file up into chapters, started using the book function, and started making a functional TOC, I got the message "Adobe InDesign is shutting down. A serious error was detected. ..." So I trashed my preferences and am starting new here with this forum.


      I have CS4 and I don't know what's happening to cause these crashes, I don't want to rebuild this entire document again to have the same result. Can anyone help me?


      Thanks in advance.