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    Impossible to export in PDF

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      So here it is : it is impossible for me to export in PDF. I have tried many things but nothing worked : export only 3 or 4 pages work, but if I retry, it won't work anymore. I noticed that a page never exports in PDF : it shows a problem sometimes, some other times, it doesn't, but everytime I have a Zero ko file.

      If I try to export the 13 pages I have worked on, it simply shows the color wheel (I'm on a Mac) and then crashes... Moreover, it never shows any status bar saying at which point it is (like on other softwares).

      So what should I do ? I have several shared layers, pop-up menus, buttons that refer to other pages.

      And if I create a page with a single pop-up menu, it won't show in Acrobat, even if Acrobat supports pop-up menus. Is this normal ?

      I'm on a Mac Pro using 10.6.8, and Fireworks CS5.



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          JoyceEvans Level 3

          What version you using? I don't know about the popup menus and PDF since I don't use them in Fireworks. With that said I do export numerouse pages to PDF with no problem. Try removing the popup menus and see if it works. Trial and error sometimes is the best way to discover a problem.


          A possible work around


          You link to other pages by adding a hotspot to the links. I really doubt the popup is going to work. This should be done only for comping purposes. Maybe link top level menu items with hotspots the on the sub pages use a temporary list of the sub menu items just to be able to show the other pages.

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            Alesclandre Level 1

            Thanks for your reply. Actually, I'm working on wireframes for an application, so I use popup menus to simulate some contextual menus. So if this is what makes my page crash, it will be a bit complicated... For the moment I export in HTML. For wireframes, it will be ok. PDF are way better for a client anyway...