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    [Premiere Elements 10] Export to computer as h.264?


      So I've been using the trial version of CS5 for a while now. After re-installing my OS every month to get this, I decided to invest some money in the cheaper Elements range. However I used to export as h.264 to my computer. h.264 is the best for the quality:compression ratio. Unfortunately I am having trouble finding this option in Elements 10. Is it even there? When I click share to computer I can see the MPEG options but the compressions offered in this are pretty... well bad, when you compare it to h.264. I dont want to export as wmv or avi... although avi makes little sense to me too as an the avi format is a container format... So what exactly is it compressing to? XD


      Anyways main point is, can you compress to h.264 and export the file to your computer like you can in CS5. Or is it limited to burning on blu ray? I think if the algorithm is there, then it should be able to be used in whatever way the user pleases.


      On an unrelated note, Elements 10 looks nicer than CS5 but it handles a lot slower. Is this normal? It seems like the program cant keep up with what im doing sometimes, when in CS5 it was all smooooth.


      Thanks for your time.